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White Supremacy: Does it Apply to You?

When we (white people) hear the term ‘white supremacy’ we automatically go into defense mode screaming through misunderstandings, that just because we’re white, doesn’t mean we benefit or participate in white supremacy. It seems many get angry at these accusations and confuse this with the act of being a racist, or being called one. So Eye’m using this post as a way to clear some things up for those a bit confused.

     When someone is using that term, it doesn’t necessarily mean that YOU personally are a white supremacists. Now with that being said, no matter what your stance on the situation is, EVERY white person benefits from the supreme system put in place by historical white colonizers. Let me explain. As a white person, there are certain behavior of others that we will never be subjected to, or certain judgments we will never have to experience. For example: The fear of losing our lives as we get pulled over, is NOT something the majority of white people possess. Usually, it’s not even a thought that we fathom during our stop. We have the ability to verbally assault police officers as we see fit and we get to go home to discuss the crazy sh*t that happened that day with those we love. People of color aren’t this privileged. We get the freedom to look over items in a store without being followed and/or accused of thieving. As well as the freedom of not “fitting the description” when we made the description of all brown people the same. These colonizers created a system that placed every other race in the subhuman division while simultaneously making the white race superior in every way, shape or form needed, to fuel their hidden agendas.

      Now you may not agree with the system in place and feel it shouldn’t be a representation of white people (because Eye don’t either), but unfortunately this isn’t the present day we live in. Whether we want it to be or not, this is the system in which we, white people, benefit from. You may feel that it doesn’t necessarily apply to you and yours because you would never look or treat someone as subhuman just because of their skin color, but that is far from the facts. The facts are quite simple. The “forefathers” of this land made sure those that looked a certain way were limitless in the means of successful avenues and knowledge, while ensuring these privileges were only available to people of Caucasian descent.  Although we have had major growth in equality over the last few decades, we are still coming up short in such a multitude of ways. This systematic racism can be destroyed, by white people, if white people allow it.

       Want to make change so that we don’t have this colonizing system in charge of our government and servitude officials? USE YOUR WHITE PRIVILEGE FOR GOOD! This system allows us to do things and make moves that no other race of people can do, so do those things and make those moves! Don’t turn your head at the site of injustice on people of color. Stand tall and use your voice to scream and demand change! Teach your fellow man the strength of unity and do not fuel the hate that created this system. Get business loans and invest in black owned companies. Or better yet, get business loans and invest in PEOPLE! THIS is how we use white supremacy to benefit the ENTIRE race of humanity!


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